METAL DECO – CTI’s specialty chemistry works on cans or aluminum bottles, making CTI the world’s largest supplier of thermochromic (temperature-sensitive) inks.
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OFFSET PRINTING – CTI’s inks are used for document authentication, promotional pieces and direct printing.

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UV SCREEN – CTI’s products work well for magazine inserts, including specialty packaging, and can be applied through a rotary unit or label press.
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FLEXO/GRAVURE - CTI’s offerings work on cold-reveal labels, stickers, cereal boxes, receipt tape and assorted flexible packaging.
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SECURITY – CTI offers overt and covert security protection, from touch-sensitive documents (wherein colors change when touched) to covert security which uses CTI’s patented photo-tag security, including packaging, brands, building materials, currency and government documents.

TEXTILE – CTI provides sun-activated inks for clothing.
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PENS – CTI offers heat activated pens in five colors. The pens write in one color and then turn to another color when exposed to heat such as: breath, rubbing, hot window or blow dryer.