Our cold palette was inspired by the coldest places on Earth... Amazing places like the Arctic Ocean, the glaciers of Iceland, and snow melt from the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Example: Cold indication has proven to be a driving factor when making purchasing decisions. CTI’s new cold palette allows for brand’s to own their own cold space and expand the cold message outside of snowflakes and thermometers.

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Brands may use colors such as strawberry, mint, and grape to drive consumption of new products.

Example: Flavor enhancement is a continued need for brands especially when launching new line-extensions. The flavor palette allows for brands to have unique thermochromic features that not only communicate cold , they highlight flavorful refreshment.

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it Fun!

Our playful palette was designed to attract kids and the young at heart. The bright colors are inspired from items kids love like toys, candy and fashion.

Example: Using thermochromics is a great way to not only attract and entertain kids, it can also encourage kids to choose healthier options like water and natural fruit juices. Our playful palette ads excitement to products that sometimes are viewed by kids as less fun and tasty then sugary treats.

Chill Me

Color Explosion is CTI’s latest thermochromic invention. It is an expansion of new colors targeted to many of the different customer driven needs such as: communicating cold refreshment, flavor enhancement, and engaging kids. Many other palettes exist that take inspiration for things like refreshment, the tropics, nature, modernism and the nightlife.

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