CTI works with government agencies and brands to authenticate documents, currency and brands. CTI offers overt protection (such as touch-sensitive security documents that change color with touch) as well as black light. CTI also offers covert protection with a “photo-tag” that confirms authenticity when scanned with a handheld-laser reader.

Low Cost


Touch-Sensitive Color Verification

The background of documents are printed with a color that turns white when touched (heat activated). This works well for tickets, car registrations, licenses, product tags, checks, prescriptions, drug labels, shipping labels and more.



Combination Touch-Sensitive and Black Light Verification

When brands matter, consumers will pay a premium. To protect consumers and manufacturers, it’s critical they guarantee that products are safe and authentic. Brands can use a combination of CTI security measures, such as a combination of overt: touch-sensitive (changes color with touch) and covert: symbol appears under black light.

Rub the Seal

Master Counterfeit


PhototagTM Security (We know of no one who has broken the security)

Photo-tags are synthetically designed molecules which are almost impossible to counterfeit. The photo-tag “molecular tag” can be uniquely customized to any customer and is applied in high-speed printing. It is affordable and highly-secure against counterfeiting. A handheld reader scan confirms the product is authentic. Photo-tag applications include documents, currency, building supplies and brands. Since the structure of the molecule determines its signature, thousands of different tags are possible, meaning everyone can have their own unique marker. Finally, the tags are very difficult to reverse engineer because of their structure.

Perfect for cigarettes, alcohol, building materials, freight containers, cosmetics and military equipment.