Temperature inks are activated at a certain temperature. At set temperatures, colors will appear and disappear. CTI is the world’s largest supplier of thermochromic ink. CTI also has done robust consumer research on what best motivates consumers and has conducted business in more than 40 countries.

Example: This label uses cold-activated inks to create visual impact.

Chill Me



CTI knows best how to guarantee consumers will always get a cold beverage by implementing a cold indicator that is anchored in the brand positioning. 

Example: This can uses cold-activated inks to ensure that the beverage is “Perfectly Chilled.”

Make Me Cold



CTI offers a level indicator across cans, labels and cups. It’s easy for a bartender/party host to know when to offer guests another beverage.

Example: This cup uses a level indicator to reveal a surprise message.

Drink Me



The first two moments of truth for a consumer are when they see a product on the shelf and when they reach for it. CTI’s technology creates competitive advantages for these “moments of truth” by illustrating the benefits of the product through consumer interaction.

Example: This frozen yogurt cup uses cold activated thermochromic inks to create an impactful "moment of truth" for the consumer. 

Fill Me Up



“Wow” the consumer by transforming imagery using CTI’s temperature-sensitive ink technology.

Example: Change the mood. When the room or the moment heats up, CTI’s chemistry will change the imagery with heat-sensitive ink.

Light Me

TEMPERATURE INK - Temperature ink is ink that changes color when exposed to set temperatures. The color starts out clear and then becomes full color at a lower temperature and then returns back to clear when exposed to warmer temperature. Temperature inks are also available in a variety of color-to-color options where the ink starts out as one color and then once chilled turns to another color.

TOUCH-ACTIVATED INK - Touch-activated ink is a temperature-sensitive ink that disappears when in contact with body heat.

HEAT-ACTIVATED INK - Heat-activated ink is temperature sensitive ink that fades away when certain high temperatures are reached.