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CTI's BlindSpotz™ Freeze Indicator Innovative Labeling Solutions for Food 

Industry-changing … commercial high-speed printable … smart functional technology. Temperature alert packaging solutions are fully customizable. Create easy-to-see graphics on cold indicator labels like cold chain sensors. With cold indicator labels, you will be able to see if a food product has reached the freezing point, thawing temperature, or been exposed to temperatures too warm during the shipping process.  Affordable, innovative labeling solutions to apply per product. 


above 10˚C

below 10˚C


Thaw-Sensing Technology

Alert receivers and supply chain managers to a product that has thawed during transport. Alternatively, educate and inform end customers to look for the warning signs that food has thawed and may need to be immediately refrozen.

CTI Thaw Alert, like other BlindSpotz™ technologies, can be delivered through high-speed commercial printing inks, which allows infinite designs for innovative labeling solutions and easy implementation on any existing label or packaging. Print on paper, film, and laminated structures in Solvent Flexo or Gravure with excellent print quality, great ink mileage and simply adding another print station.


Cold Check technology

Provide a quick visual indicator of cold-chain conditions that prompts prompt corrective action. The goal: simply tell the truth about what’s going on with the food product. CTI BlindSpotz™ Cold Chain indicators sensors show if the product is too cold, just right, or too warm. Use covertly for supply chain stakeholders and grocery worker, orworkers or educate customers to keep food items at the right temperature to maximize shelf-life and safety. Best of all, print on food labels you already use. 


Too Warm (>15˚C)

Safe (<5˚C)


High Heat Alert

Don’t guess about individual food products packed in boxes and assembled on a pallet. The data logger might report one thing, but the actual condition in a particular place in a trailer, in a particular position on a pallet, and in a specific place in the box may tell a different story. CTI BlindSpotz™ High Heat indicator technology alerts, at the product level, if the temperature has been too high. 

Allows easy sorting of suspect food items and won’t reset if the product returns to normal refrigeration temperatures. Combine with Freeze Alert, and you won’t miss a potentially dangerous food safety event.




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