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Pasteurization Packaging indicators

HPP pressure verified (variations)

High Pressure Pasteurization Packaging Indicators

HPP pressure verified (variations)


Under 87,000 PSI


Over 87,000 PSI

Lower the risk and cost of your HPP supply chain

Consumers want products that have natural ingredients and avoid preservatives and heat pasteurization. To address safety and shelf life, brands are moving to high pressure processing (HPP Processing), typically exposing the package to 87,000 psi for 3 minutes. Moreover, the FDA required all HPP-related brands to have FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) plans in place by the fall of 2017.


To assist with the monitoring and auditing of the process, CTI developed a high pressure indicator that changes color on the package at 87,000 PSI to confirm a product has been subjected to HPP according to specifications. Watch this video overview of this industry-first technology:

Prior to this technology, any product that bypassed HPP food safety processing or suffered heat damage went undetected and became “safety hand grenades” in the supply chain.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


- Benjamin Franklin

HPP Inks

How do

they work?

CTI's high pressure pasteurization packaging indicator inks are printed the same as traditional inks on a package in a clear or light white color. As a package is subjected to pressure, color, for instance, begins to appear at 80,000 psi and increases to its full color at 87,000 psi. CTI has developed different solutions for various HPP "recipes" of pressure, time and chamber water temperature.

 HPP Food Safety

No pressure applied

Insufficient pressure

Target pressure reached

Printable on each label

or packages themselves

Amazingly, HPP Technology can be delivered though an ink, printable in UV Flexo, Water-Based Flexo, Solvent Gravure, and Offset print formats. No additional equipment or material required. Simply make the indicator part of your existing HPP food safety processing product label or packaging.

Contact CTI today to find out more and schedule a qualification trial for high pressure indicator technology.

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