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BlindSpotz™ technology is a breakthrough that enables cold-chain monitoring technology to be printed directly on the package offering detection of freezing, thawing or a dip below a target temperature (tunable from -4˚C to 4˚C). Printing cold-chain monitoring technology on-package offers dramatic cost reductions and scalability for billions of packages.


Broad freeze-sensitive product applications:  Vaccines, drugs, blood bags, medical lab samples, flowers, produce, meat, seafood, paint, chemicals and fertilizers and pesticides.

Consider the advantages:

  • 97% cheaper than current freeze alert devices.

  • Prints directly onto any substrate using water-based or UV Flexo ink.

  • Creates an easy visual inspection tool for the “last mile” to easily confirm that freezing has not ruined a drug, food item or industrial product.

  • Designable for recording data. For instance, a QR code can appear if the cold chain has been broken and allowing recording of location, temperature, product type and date.

  • Measures the different freezing time of each unique package.

  • Provides inspection/sorting at the package, case or pallet level.

  • Reduces drug, food and industrial product waste. Allows easy sorting of salable from ruined products.

  • Totally customizable design, including covert applications.

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