Tamper Evident Freeze Packaging and Heat Activated Inks

Prevent fraud and theft with this ground-breaking innovation. Unlike most tamper indicators that only reveal heat tampering (like using a heat gun to melt glue on packaging tape), BlindSpotz™ Tamper Freeze and Tamper Heat Alert show color and messaging when thieves use cold or heat to tamper with packages. Watch this video demonstration:


Heat Activated INKS

This solution came straight from listening to customers and solving long-term security industry challenges. Old generation heat-activated irreversible inks may have incompatibilities with coatings, adhesives and substrate treatments, making printing difficult and results less than optimal.

See the advantages of


tamper inks

  • Provides quick, easy visual heat-activated ink indicators.

  • Prevents cold and heat tampering.

  • Develops color within a 5°C temperature window.

  • Survives when exposed to temperatures ranging from 100-200C.

  • Compatible with adhesives and overprint varnishes.

  • Provides a NEW technology solution to identify freeze tampering, rising in popularity among criminals.


Combine both BlindSpotz™ Freeze and Heat Tamper Alert

in one design to prevent either tampering:

Contact the experts at CTI today to learn more and qualify this solution for your application.

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