Freezer Alert - Know if a product has been exposed to freezing temperatures

CTI provides an irreversible indicator if a product has been submitted to freezing temperatures.  This is critical for products like vaccines that will be ruined if frozen. 

freeze indicators

Alert supply chain managers to a product that has been exposed to overly cold temperatures. 




Alert supply chain managers to a product that has been thawed during transport.

Cold Chain Compliance

 +/1˚ 1˚C for each by –B value color target.  This technology is tunable between -4˚C and 4˚C



Heat Abuse

Ensure Products Remained Cold in Supply Chain.

Many products lose integrity or even become unsafe when exposed to high temperatures: minimize waste and guarantee the quality with set irreversible features.  These features alert supply chain managers if a product's quality has been compromised in transit. 

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