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As of May 4th, 2017 CTI is officially an ISO Certified company.  I am not sure what this should actually say so I am just going the ramble as a text filler until Tink provides me with the appropriate content.  This is  a bunch of hister ipsum text: Letterpress cardigan vegan tofu kogi, portland chartreuse twee. Readymade cray brooklyn kitsch la croix, vexillologist neutra chambray poke bushwick next level cardigan scenester small batch.


Hella narwhal blog literally, iceland woke four dollar toast keytar. Listicle hell of pop-up, brunch dreamcatcher vice lyft chillwave glossier. Bespoke etsy schlitz, wayfarers kale chips knausgaard 3 wolf moon gentrify meditation hoodie. Gentrify pok pok ennui 3 wolf moon portland. Bitters gastropub kinfolk chambray flexitarian plaid, woke enamel pin authentic unicorn health goth. 

CTI Quality policy

CTI strives each day to provide safe, defect free, consistent, reliable and innovative products that meet or exceed customers requirements, in an environment of continuous improvement.

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