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Why CTI?

As a powerhouse of innovation, CTI is a growing and thriving business dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling technology that alerts, protects, and surprises.  Housing all facets of the business to include Research & Development, Manufacturing, and Sales, we have developed a fast-paced, ever-changing organization that is looking for talented, hard-working, and driven individuals to contribute to the goals and success of CTI. 

OUR mission

CTI exists to improve lives through innovative chemistry that alerts, protects and surprises.

Our Values


All other considerations flow from the foundation of a safe work environment.  We define safety broadly to include not only physical safety but emotional safety as well.



After safety, the quality of our work is our highest value. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations with the high level of quality that our products provide, every time.



Creation of value through innovation is the cornerstone of our company.  CTI solves tough problems and promotes an innovative environment for everyone on our team.  Team members are encouraged to experiment and embrace solutions of all kinds.  Innovation inevitably means change and we embrace any change that will make us or our customers better.



We are honest with each other, our customers and partners.  We are also honest with ourselves.  More than just honesty, we adhere to core principles of fairness, humility, hard work, resilient optimism and courage.  Courage to do what is right, even when no one is looking, and courage to face our challenges no matter what they are.



We understand that waste robs value from every stakeholder.  At CTI, we constantly look for ways to improve our output and quality of our work, while reducing expenses.



CTI’s most valuable assets are its people.  We expect that each team member will emphasize listening as well as empathy in their interactions.  We seek first to understand, then to be understood.  We speak frankly and honestly, while showing respect for all.


Stakeholder Value

The ultimate measure of CTI’s success is the value we bring to the world and our ability to share in that value creation.  When we create value for all of our stakeholders in a way we can be proud of, we make the world a little bit better place.  That is what it’s all about.

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