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High speed

flexo and Gravure Printing

CTI’s innovative flexible packaging technology delivered through high-speed commercial printing ink formulas work on cold-activated and heat-activated labels, stickers, cereal boxes, and other snack food flexible packaging.

For years Thermochromic, Photochromic and Glow-in-the-Dark have only been available in UV and Water-Based Flexo formats, which aren’t ideal for long runs on wide Flexo and Gravure printing presses, particularly for mass consumer goods production designed for flexible package printing.


For that, the best ink format, hands-down is solvent.


Because solvents, like acetates and alcohols, comprise most of the formula, these inks print smoothly, cure quickly and produce excellent color. They also allow for strong bonds in laminated structures and make regulatory compliance easier, without other raw materials that might not be acceptable, such as mineral oils.

After years of research and development, CTI has introduced a full line of solvent-based inks for large Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. Here are details:

Types of Solvent Specialty Inks

  • Glow-in-the-Dark: The first to be launched and widely used for Halloween Candy, snack foods and other CPG campaigns, this printed ink glows green after being exposed to blacklight or UVA light. The longer and stronger the exposure, the brighter and longer-lasting glow.

  • Photochromic: Next up, Photochromic inks change from very slight residual color to brilliant rich color when exposed to sunlight or UVA light (specifically 365 nanometers). When taken out of sunlight, they gradually return to their inactivated state in a few minutes, depending on the color. 

  • Thermochromic: The most recent innovation, Thermochromic inks were once thought to be impossible in solvent ink, due to their sensitivity to solvents, short pot life and thus large waste quantities during commercial print runs. CTI invented an industry-first technique to reduce this sensitivity, allowing months of stability in unopened containers and up to weeks even in opened containers. Combined with amazingly smooth laydown and excellent mileage, this ink has already won accolades from major converters. All CTI’s thermochromic solvent inks also are resistant to retort processing breakthrough.

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