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water detection

irreversible ink

Moisture detection plumber's tape using hydrochromic ink

not exposed to water

exposed to water

Water Detection Plumber's Tape Identifies Problem Areas

When exposed to water, CTI's water detection technology changes colors.  Perfect for finding problem areas under the sink or monitoring areas of excess moisture. 

"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."

-Phyllis Diller-

Ensure Frozen Products stayed frozen in transit

Indicate if a Product has Melted or Defrosted and then Refrozen

Hydrochromic art supplies for kids

when painted

on with water

not painted on



Ask any mom and what they dread most about arts and crafts is the clean-up afterward.  With CTI's water detection technologies, kids can create refrigerator art with a paintbrush and water. No stains, no clean-up. Just water!

Hydrochromic irreversible ink



has not melted

When frozen foods products are defrosted or melted and then refrozen, taste is hindered. Ensure your customers only purchase your product at the highest quality with indicators that alert supply chain managers to a product with compromised quality. 

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