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Know it’s the Right Temperature with Temperature Indicating Labels

Consumers don’t separate “temperature” from the “product” in the “brand experience.”  Consumers spend money on a “hot cup of coffee,” an “icy-cold soda” or “steaming cup of chicken noodle soup.”    Not one of those consumers ever said, “The coffee was lukewarm, but delicious!”

Coors Light Cold Activated Can Using Thermochromic Ink

EnsureColdWith temperature-controlled products

in net retail
sales over 7




Coors Light wanted to provide a promise in the hands of the consumers of “Rocky Mountain Cold Refreshment.” 

The key learning was that Coors Light anchored the technology in the brand positioning: “When the mountains turn blue, your beer is as cold as the Rockies.”  

Drive Multipacks

to the Fridge

Consumption Habits Increase when Entire Multi-packs are played in the Fridge

Trigger technology is a breakthrough in thermodynamic chemistry, allowing for the first time for thermochromic inks to accurately measure when a case package is cold.  Traditional thermochromics were activated by the fridge temperature (while the beverage was still warm).  Trigger technology ensures that consumers only buy cold packs at the store and it increases the rate of consumers storing in the fridge instead of pantry.  A cold beverage in the fridge is a consumed beverage.

Cold Temperature Indicating Laels
Hot Temperatue Indicating Labels

Improve Product Quality & Service

with a Delivered

Hot Guarantee

Pizza Hut Franchises in New Zealand were struggling  with delivery times and their pizza being delivered too cold, so CTI helped develop “Hot Guarantee” labels. If the label didn’t say the pizza was hot, the pizza was free. This encouraged Franchises to speed-up their delivery times and make sure the product was being delivered hot and melty.


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