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Make Your

Products Safer

Interactive Safety Inks Alerts

below 50,000 psi

above 50,000 psi

Verify a package is subjected to

High Pressure Processing

CTI’s latest invention, HPP Indication technology, enables brands to validate the performance of their HPP supply chain. This provides a visual indicator when the package is exposed to 50,000 psi.   Brands and retailers now have a management tool to monitor if products have bypassed the HPP machine or suffered severe heat damage. (>90˚F)


to Safety

CTI offers a variety of technologies across all the major printing platforms. As part of CTI’s commitment to safety, we continue to work towards making a safer and better product.  Our inks are approved for non-food-contact applications. We work with our suppliers to ensure the materials we purchase for our printing inks are appropriate for the given application.

Alert Consumers to the Sun’s Over-Exposure

Food Safe Indictors using thermochromic ink

return to fridge


Remind Consumers
to Return Product to Fridge

Every year, there are an estimated 48 million cases of food-related illnesses. Help prevent your brand from being the cause of one of those cases with a ‘return to fridge’ indicator. When warmed, a message is revealed reminding the consumer to return the product to the fridge.

- CDC 2010 -

too much sun


still safe

UV exposure alert using irreversible inks

UV burnout changes color under a certain amount of sun exposure. On average, a person’s risk for melanoma doubles if they have had more than five sunburns. Add UV burnout indicators on your products to remind consumers to reapply sun protection.

Heat-seal indicator using irreversible ink

properly sealed

improperly sealed

Irreversible, Heat Seal Quality Check

Provide assurance that your product was properly heat-sealed. With CTI High-Temp Irreversible technology, there can be a clear indication during the heat-sealing process that the product was properly sealed and provide peace of mind to consumers.

Tamper evident seals using irreversible ink

exposed to high heat


No brand can afford the cost of a tampered product. With tamper-evident seals, you can alert consumers and retailers if your product’s seal has been exposed to high heat, indicating it has been tampered.

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