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Meet Some of the team

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Senior Account Executive

Ricardo Ochoa
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Senior Account Executive

Todd Klaus
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Sales Operations Director

Sales & Technical support

David stone
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Account Growth Manager

Michael Mayer
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Market Development Director

Deke Butler
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Senior Brand Designer & Communications Manager

Daniel Wachter
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Chief Commercial Officer

Known as an entrepreneurial P&L growth driver who shapes strategy and aligns collective team strengths vertically and cross-functionally to ignite profitable commercial outcomes.

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Steven Lencke
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Chief Financial Officer

A growth focused and performance driven leader with comprehensive experience directing all aspects of financial, accounting and business operations to achieve overall business success. Recognized as a trusted advisor and teammate by senior management and key stakeholders.

senior leadership team

Lyle Small
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Founder & CEO

Lyle Small, a Cornell University chemistry student, founded Chromatic Technologies, Inc. (CTI) in his dorm room in 1993, building ink molecules, trying to find different stimuli to turn inks “on and off” – also known as “smart inks.”

Dan Scott
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Chief Operating Officer

Dan is a graduate of the University of South Alabama in Mobile Alabama with over twenty years of operations management experience.  His extensive background in Lean Manufacturing has been gained while managing organizations in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Construction markets.  He is a customer focused leader that strives to integrate a collaborative culture that emphasizes team building.

William Bowers
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VP of Research & Development

A growth mindset, people leader with extensive experience in research, product development, process/sustaining engineering, and technical service in semiconductors, specialty formulation, medical devices, and diamond wire. A versatile chemist with degrees in chemical engineering, chemistry, and mathematics from Indiana University and the University of Houston.

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