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Thermochromic Ink Printing on Aluminum Cans

CTI’s specialty chemistry works on cans or aluminum bottles, making CTI the world’s largest supplier of cold-activated thermochromic, photochromic and glow-in-the-dark high-speed commercial printing inks.

CTI pioneered and optimized photochromic,  glow-in-the-dark, and thermochromic ink printing on aluminum cans, compatible with the fastest industrial Stolle Concord or Rutherford metal decorators, as well as monoblock extrusion and deep drawing processes.

Whether for beer, soda, seltzer or other beverages, CTI scientists developed formulas to be low-misting, high mileage and minimal cleanup, while allowing heavy coat weights for outstanding color, customer experience and brand impact.

We’re known as the company that turns the mountains blue on Coors Light cans, but CTI has also enabled temperature sensitive labels worldwide to more than 60 countries and dozens of well-known beverage brands.

In addition to formulas for high-speed ink printing on aluminum cans and bottles, we also have formulas for flat sheet offset metal printing, steel cans and more.

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