CTI Introduces New Heat-Activated, Tamper-Evident Ink to Improve Detection

‘Tamper Alert’ Assists Chemicals, Pharma, Food & Electronics Industries Colorado Springs, Colorado - - Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) announced the introduction of Tamper Alert, a new irreversible, heat-activated ink technology to identify tamper evidence in labels and packaging for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics and other products targeted for theft and counterfeiting. CTI’s newest technology is a breakthrough in tamper-evident packaging provides customers with a tight activation window where the alert transitions from colorless to full color within a range of 10° C. Traditional irreversible technologies require a transition window between 30° to 50° C. (86° F. to 122° F.)

The science behind the color-changing solar eclipse U.S. postage stamps? Fat magic.

Colorado’s Chromatic Technologies uses fat to create disappearing ink Put your finger on the black spot on the new U.S. postage stamp and the darkness vanishes to reveal an image of the full moon. Magic? No. It’s fat. The nifty thermochromic stamp — created to honor Monday’s total eclipse of the sun and being snapped up by collectors and fun-loving folks everywhere — works like Crisco. At room temperature, the shortening is a gloppy, white paste that liquefies into a clear, shiny soup when warm. The novelty stamp, however, won’t leave fingers oily, black or cold. “They’re esters. But it’s not like the fat right here,” said Lyle Small, pointing to his stomach, which doesn’t jiggle much at all

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