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Sunlight-activated ink features drive purchase intent. When consumer-tested, this idea scored in the top 2 box for purchase intent (definitely/probably will buy) with 89% for loyal consumers and 64% for occasionals. This is your chance for your brand to own summer and outdoor usage occasions.

- CTI Quantitative Research, Mann Consulting -

"Don't Design for Brands.

Design for People Interacting with Brands." 



How do

they work?

Sunlight or photochromic inks change color when exposed to ultra violet light. (Sunlight light). When in sunlight conditions the color visible. When take taken back indoors the color disappears. 

Sunlight activated inks or photochromic inks change color when exposed to UV light (sunlight).  When in the sun, the colors come to life. When taken out of the sun, the color disappears.


Overcome Negative

Health Concerns



of Moms Prioritize Health

over Convenience



As Moms become more and more health conscious, sugary and salty snacks need to provide more of a benefit than convenience. With sunlight-activated features, the snack’s packaging can encourage kids to go outside, play and be active.

- Adweek 2015 -

89% of millennials trust recommendations from friends and family more than claims by the brand.


Use photochromic ink features to encourage your consumers to share their experience with friends and family.

- eMarketer 2014 -

Encourage Social Media Interaction

of Millennials





in the sun

out of the sun


spent on food over the 4th of july weekend

Be the #1 choice for all memorable outdoor occasions this summer with beverages that come to life in the sun. 

 - National Retail Federation 2017 -

Available colors


Metal Decoration        

UV Flexo 

UV Screen 

Offset Color Chart

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