prevent fraud



Create Overt Features that Ensure Authenticity to Consumers



Every year $1.7 trillion dollars are lost in counterfeit goods. With overt touch-activated security features, you can provide peace-of-mind to consumers that the product they purchased is authentic.

- The Next 2015 -

Other Overt

Security features 

• Sunlight-Activated Watermarks 

• Touch-Activated Paper

• Fluorescent  Watermarks



Covert Features that Ensure Authenticity
in Your Supply Chain

PhotoTag is a proprietary technology to CTI that provides brands with a secure way to ensure authenticity of the product in the supply chain.  With the use of a PhotoTag scanner, a product can be confirmed authentic or fraudulent.

In this example, the ghosted logo is printed using CTI's PhotoTag technology. This ensures product authenticity on primary and secondary packaging.



CTI is working with government agencies and companies to authenticate documents, currency and brands.


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Note that CTI is not a commercial printer. We provide
technology solutions delivered through inks.

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