Use Security Ink

to make your products easy to authenticate using a touch, rub, or special light. 


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Touch-activated thermochromic:

The most sensitive and responsive way to quickly check packages or documents. With body heat, the ink disappears or changes from one color to another.


exposed to body heat

Higher temperature thermochromic

— rub to disappear or reveal:

With friction caused by rubbing or heating, the ink disappears or changes from one color to another.

Fluorescing and photochromic inks:  

Create a watermark that only appears under a special wavelength light (fluorescing) or when taken into the sunlight (photochromic).

natural light

Security Ink reveals authentic logo on baseball card under a black light

UV light

Tamper Proof UV Light Securty Ink

natural light

UV light


a CTI-proprietary technology. With the use of a PhotoTag scanner, a product can be confirmed authentic or fraudulent. In this example, the ghosted logo is printed using CTI's PhotoTag technology. This ensures product authenticity on primary and secondary packaging.

PhotoTag Security Ink Confirms Authentic or Fraudulent Packaging Through Ink

Available in Screen, Offset, Water-based Flexo, UV Flexo and other high-volume professional print formats, CTI solutions are press-ready.

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EUpia, Swiss-compliant, low migration products available.


Press-ready solutions for nearly every printing format: Screen, Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Metal Deco and now Solvent Glow-in-the-Dark and Photochromic. Masterbatch for plastic applications also available.

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"safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy."

Irreversible Temperature Labels

not tampered


tamper-evident envelopes

Alert individuals to when their identity and privacy has been compromised with envelopes equipped with tamper-evident features. The envelope will change colors when exposed to high temperatures. 

tamper-evident blisterpack

Alert consumers to potentially unsafe products with over-the-counter medicine equipped with tamper-evident seals. The blisterpack will change colors when exposed to high temperatures. 

Anti-Tamer Packaging Solutions


not tampered