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CTI Technical Services

CTI's technical team will work with your operators to ensure all CTI products perform like conventional ink. Whether your operations run 2,000 cans a minute or 1,800 feet a minute, we will make sure that no time is lost on-press. 

Ink Performance

"While some inks that are used to provide special effects require alterations to the inker units because of their differing viscosities, the CTI inks appear to behave in the same way as conventional inks. "

- The Canmaker -

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Crawley, England

May 2017

world class

tech support

With over 77 years of combined experience, CTI's technical services team will sit press-side with your operators to ensure success. 



Our technical services team's #1 goal is to ensure you have the right product for your application. Our tech team will assist in narrowing down the perfect formula for your application. Testing bond strength, adhesion, dry-rates, and viscosity to ensure you have the right product before going into production. 

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