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Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Plastic Packaging


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Approximately 21,000 children are treated for scald burns every year (many from overly hot water in their bath tubs). Thermochromic plastics can help alleviate this problem with body wash bottles that change color when the water is too hot.


Products with safety features like this give consumers a reason to buy and stand out on crowded shelves

- American Burn Association, Scald Injury Prevention Guide -



"color is the place where our brain & the universe meet"


- Paul Klee

Color-Changing plastics

How do they work?

CTI invented a new technology called PowerCapsules™.  PowerCapsules™ provide the strongest color intensity on the market and are available in thermochromic, photochromic and glow-in-the-dark.  Watch the video to the right to see PowerCapsules™ in action.

Bring 4th of July BBQs to Life

$6.77 billion is spent on foods for picnics and barbecues.  Using sunlight-activated plastic plates and eating utensils can make those typically boring products the surprise hero and entertainment of the party.  Imagine 20 people excited about their color-changing plates, cups, forks and knives!

- WalletHub 2017 -

of Americans will attend a July 4th BBQ or Picnic





Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Plastic