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water-based and

uv flexo Printing ink

CTI’s water-based ink and UV flexo printing ink work on cold-activated and heat-activated labels, stickers, cereal boxes, and other snack food flexible packaging, plus security applications.

Types of Water-based and UV Flexo printing ink innovation technologies that apply to the flexible packaging industry:

  • Thermochromic Ink:  These inks reversibly change color as their temperature changes. Below the activation temperature, they are colored and above the activation temperature they are clear or lightly colored. As the ink cools, the original color returns. Our thermochromic inks can change at a variety of different temperatures.​

  • Low Temperature Ink: Used for applications where a product is chilled and special messaging or graphic design appears. Examples: Beverage labels and frozen candy bars.

  • Body Temperature Ink: Designed to show color at normal room temperature and to disappear or change color when warmed up. This can be done by rubbing a finger or breathing warm air on the application. Examples: Stickers, labels and official documents. Temperatures from 29˚C to 37˚C.

  • High Temperature Ink: This formulation disappears or changes color when heated up. ​Examples: Great safety feature on labels for microwaveable products and hot beverages, plus hot pizza indicators. Temperature from 45˚-65˚C.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark:  CTI has UV cure Glow-in-the-Dark (GID) ink for Flexographic and Gravure printing. There are many safety and promotional applications for these inks. By using high speed printing methods, you can add this very popular special effect at a low incremental cost.


CTI UV Flexo inks have also been used as a spot UV coating on the back side of offset presses, where a spot UV-curable coating can be applied. This is traditionally done with a raised plate and an anilox and gives a very strong glow. Speak with CTI directly for more information on this process. For best results it is recommended that you print on a white or light background.


Contact the CTI team today for technical details and design tips.

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