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CTI Announces World-Class, Water-Based Glow-in-Dark Ink Formulas for High-Speed Flexo and Gravure

Targeted for Use in Food & Beverage Packaging

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - With growing interest from the world’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands for customer-engaging glow-in-the-dark (GID) inks on food and beverage packaging, Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) introduces highly-anticipated water-based GID formulas for paper and film substrates.

Now available in water-based formulas from CTI, Glow-in-the-Dark (GID) inks provide unique and exciting experiences for consumer packaged goods worldwide.

CTI’s new water-based GID inks offer an alternative that’s as easy to print and that glows as strongly as UV or solvent ink systems. A single print station with a 10-13 (BCM) anilox allows print operators to deliver the same glow strength as CTI’s solvent-based GID ink.

“It’s a real break-through that converters have desired for years,” says CTI Chief Technology Officer and Founder Lyle Small. “Conventional wisdom says that phosphorescent pigments and a water-based vehicles don’t go together very well. We are pleased to offer a product that goes against the conventional wisdom and performs so well,” Small added.

CTI’s R&D team developed two formulas – one for paper substrates such as QSR cups and secondary packaging, and another for film substrates typically used in food package laminated structures. Both have great laydown and no “hard settling” in the container when handling guidelines are followed.

For a limited time, CTI will support press qualifications with free water-based GID ink for select customers. Contact CTI for more information.

About GID and CTI

CTI pioneered the industry’s best GID ink formulas, available in Metal Deco, UV Flexo, UV Screen, UV Wet and Dry Offset, High Speed Solvent and now Water-Based Flexo and Gravure. Known worldwide as the technology company that makes the mountains turn blue on every chilled Coors Light aluminum can, CTI offers a full range of thermochromic, photochromic, fluorescing and pharmaceutical cold-chain technologies, all delivered through commercial printing inks.

About Chromatic Technologies Inc.

CTI is the world’s largest supplier of smart, specialty, color-changing technology that responds to temperature, light and pressure. CTI, founded in 1993, exports to 55 countries and is an ISO9001/2015 production facility. CTI’s ink technology is found worldwide on many of the most recognizable brands in the consumer marketplace.

CTI Contact: Barry McCann Product Director Chromatic Technologies Inc.

1096 Elkton Drive, Suite 600 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907 719.623.2005

Media Contact: Don Shook Founder MERIT Media Relations LLC 3375 E. Tompkins Avenue, # 153 Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 (702) 260-7600


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