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CTI Helps Encision Create a Visual Indicator for Limited-Use Medical Device Sterilization

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

You might have a favorite screwdriver or hammer – but some surgical tools just aren’t meant to be used over and over.

That’s the case with Encision’s AEM® Scissors, used with their AE enTouch Handles (see photo below) for laparoscopic procedures. They’re made for only two uses. The device arrives already sterilized for the first procedure use, but then must be sterilized again for the second.

So …. How does a medical team know that the device hasn’t sterilized more than once?

BlindSpotz Heat Indicator Technology

Just a quick glance at a color indicator on the instrument rod is all is takes, courtesy of CTI’s BlindSpotz Heat Indicator technology.

It’s a simple message: Orange means time for new scissors.

CTI worked closely with Encision for nearly two years developing this unique application. Our chemists adapted existing technology to make the color change under the right conditions, but applying it to a metal rod proved to be a challenge. After many iterations and tests, Encision launched their simple but powerful enhancement in early 2021.

Interested in how CTI innovative BlindSpotz technology can solve problems, protect valuable vaccines and medicines, and improve patient experiences?

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