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Chromatic Technologies Inc. Selected as a “Colorado Companies to Watch”

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - - Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), the specialized inks company whose innovative offerings are seen on consumer products around the world, has joined a prestigious group of companies recognized as one of Colorado Companies to Watch.

The selection acknowledges the hard work, dedication and contribution of CTI as a growing company in the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors 50 such companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado.

“It is indeed a privilege to be selected for this honor,” explained Lyle Small, founder of CTI. “In our nearly 20 years of existence, we’ve always strived for growth not only in our capabilities, but also to be a vital factor in the economic well-being of our employees and suppliers as well as our customers.”

Added Sam Bailey, Colorado Companies to Watch program director, “We are pleased to recognize CTI for their outstanding contribution to fueling the economic engine of our wonderful state. Our thanks go out to Chromatic Technologies Inc.!”

Colorado Companies to Watch is different from other awards programs. Because the program focuses on the entire state (and not specific industries), it provides an opportunity to paint a realistic picture of a true statewide economy. Since applicants are evaluated on more than growth, it widens the playing field to companies not often recognized for the critical differences they make in their industry, their community, region and Colorado.

The industry honor to CTI continues a growing history of being singled out for praise. The Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corporation named CTI’s Lyle Small the 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year; in 2010, CTI was named the Manufacturing Company of the Year, and in 2009, Mr. Small was cited as Inventor of the Year by the Colorado Springs organization.

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About Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

CTI is a custom, special-effects inks and coatings manufacturer. The company has provided nearly two decades of innovation with inks that are thermochromic (temperature sensitive, both cold and hot), photochromic (UV light/sunlight sensitive), glow-in-the-dark, plastics (thermochromic used for promotional, novelty and safety) and security (for anti- counterfeiting and brand protection). CTI’s brand-enhancing innovations can be found on products from such diverse companies as Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola Canada, Coors, Hallmark, Monster Energy, Mountain Dew, Pizza Hut and Tuaca Liqueur. CTI is the recognized world leader in providing its patented inks to printers and brand products globally. For more information, please visit

About Colorado Companies to Watch

Colorado Companies to Watch was launched in 2009 in conjunction with the Edward Lowe Foundation of Michigan, and involves valuable sponsors, key drivers, community partners and volunteers from across Colorado. More information can be found at

Company Contact:

Patrick Edson Chief Marketing Officer

Chromatic Technologies Inc. 1096 Elkton Drive, Suite 600

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

(719) 592-1557

Media Contact:

Don Shook

MERIT Media Relations

3375 E. Tompkins Avenue, #153

Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

(702) 260-7600

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