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CTI/ATI: Freeze Indicator Label Technology

Freeze Indicator Labels Activated On Vaccine Vials

Printed on individual packages, vials, and syringes, BlindSpotz provide economical on-package freeze indicators for shipping to protect vaccines and medical samples.

Approximately $260 billion in bio-pharma products are temperature-sensitive, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. As these products are shipped through the “cold-chain” process daily to arrive at hospitals, pharmacies and other medical/dental destinations, there’s a nagging question: Has it ever been exposed to hot or cold temperatures that result in a loss of efficacy?

The partnership of American Thermal Instruments (ATI) and Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) introduces BlindSpotz™ freeze-warning technology that can be printed economically on individual packages, vials and syringes to help protect medical supplies and other critical applications, while saving money by lowering product waste.

According to the companies, the current cold chain technology to record temperatures between 4°C (39° F) and -4°C (25° F) costs around $3 per device. CTI’s BlindSpotz freeze spot technology costs pennies per package. The CTI capability embeds the technology into an ink system that can be incorporated into the existing printing process for packaging. Now billions of packages of vaccines as well as lettuce, seafood, strawberries, flowers and paint can be individually inspected for quality and safety...

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