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Thermochromic Ink Being Applied To Metal Cans

CTI Achieves Sizeable Expansion of Thermochromic Colors for Metal Can Decoration

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado U.S.A. - - Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), the specialty inks company whose ideas are "powered by chemistry," has broadened the availability of colors used in the thermochromic (heat-sensitive) ink manufacturing applications for metal can decorating. The achievement follows the company’s March 2015 announcement that a similar expansion of colors is now available for CTI’s new PowerCapsulesTM for the plastics industry.

As a result, hundreds of new colors for temperature sensitive ink can now be used for metal decoration thanks to CTI's proprietary new red and yellow thermochromic inks that enable a new sophistication in color management.

The variety of colors for cans takes the original 'blue' ink offering from CTI and, because of this expansion in its primary color palette, CTI is now able to offer a much wider color spectrum.

The new, advanced color pallet will use CTI's proprietary High Velocity Ink (HVI) delivery system to ensure all inks can be applied efficiently at high speed and are durable against heat and sunlight. HVI was achieved following three years of research and development at CTI. The key advantages of HVI are (1) much smaller particle inks, thus enabling them to be run at higher speeds, and (2) HVI result in less waste while producing higher yields (wherein one pound of ink prints more cans). All of CTI’s thermochromic inks ascend to the high velocity capability.

"Every brand can now create its own unique fingerprint in thermochromic color and design," explained Patrick Edson, chief marketing officer for CTI. "We seek to help every brand create differentiation and 'theater-in-the-hand' experience every time the consumer touches the product. CTI is 'not just an inks company' but an innovator who helps grow and differentiate brands," Edson continued.

CTI is the world's largest producer of thermochromic material for consumer product companies across the globe. More information is at

For more information, check out or

About Chromatic Technologies Inc.

CTI is the world’s largest manufacturer of thermochromic packaging material, conducting business in more than 50 countries. It was established in 1993 in the dorm room of a Cornell University chemistry major, Lyle Small. As president of CTI, Mr. Small has driven the considerable growth of CTI’s capabilities and committed the company to an aggressive research and development program that successfully allows CTI to provide custom innovation incubators for major brands worldwide.

Since its founding 22 years ago, CTI ( has been dedicated to improving lives “through chemistry that alerts, protects and surprises.” As the world’s largest manufacturer of thermochromic inks, CTI uses its ink technology to convey messaging, be it an indication of hot or cold temperatures, or an extension of the product’s brand. CTI chemistry also provides photochromic, black light, glow in the dark, social media activation, security protection, and is also inventing new methods for bacteria detection and cancer treatment.

CTI’s innovations can be found on products from such companies as Anheuser Busch, Coca Cola, Coors, Fanta, Hallmark, Heineken, Monster Energy, Mountain Dew, Pizza Hut, The Smart Lid and Tuaca Liqueurs.


Media Contact:

Don Shook MERIT Media Relations 3375 E. Tompkins Avenue,

# 153 Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 U.S.A.

(702) 260 7600

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Company Contact:

Patrick Edson Chief Marketing Officer Chromatic Technologies Inc. 1096 Elkton Drive, Suite 600 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907 U.S.A.

(719) 592 1557

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