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activated Cans

40% of consumers are consistently frustrated with the temperature of a product they buy when there is an expectation of hot or cold.

Temperature sensitive ink features can solve that problem.

- CTI Quantitative Research, Mann Consulting -




2 out of 3 consumers

when choosing between two brands they like equally,

will SWITCH to the brand that provides a guarantee for hot or cold.

- CTI Quantitative Research, Mann Consulting -

As one of the world’s premier thermochromic ink manufacturers, Chromatic Technologies Inc (CTI) has helped major CPG brands and converters innovate in more than 55 countries using Metal Deco, Screen, Offset, Flexo, Gravure and Solvent inks.


heat activated

more likely

to return

not delivered hot

 delivered hot

Consumers are 4x more likely to return and recommend than satisfied consumers. Consumers also don’t separate “temperature” from the “product” in the “brand experience.”  Consumers spend money on a “hot cup of coffee,” an “icy-cold soda” or “steaming cup of chicken noodle soup.”  Not one of those consumers ever said, “The coffee was lukewarm, but delicious!”

- Nielsen 2013 -

CTI offers press-ready solutions for nearly every thermochromic ink manufacturing and printing format: Screen, Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Metal Deco and now Solvent Glow-in-the-Dark and Photochromic. Masterbatch for plastic applications also available.




If a consumer touches a product in the grocery store, they will purchase that item.


Encourage consumers to interact with your product on-shelf with touch-activated features.

- The Dieline 2012 -

Known as the world-wide leader in thermochromic ink manufacturing, CTI works with brands and converters on the most eye-catching, functional, award-winning industry innovations.


Contact us today for concepts, design advice, product recommendations and qualified solutions.




when touched


ambient conditions

when touched



lost every year

Every year $1.7 trillion dollars are lost in counterfeit goods. Help prevent fraud with overt touch-activated, anti-counterfeiting features. - The Next 2015 -

Simple, but effective CTI innovations such as thermochromic, photochromic, fluorescing inks and our proprietary Photo Tag let brands and official agencies print covert features for just fractions of pennies per piece.


Touch, rub, shine a light or scan with a reader – and know instantly that it’s real.


Thermochromic ink manufacturer CTI offers EUpia, Swiss-compliant, low migration products.


Available colors


Water-based Flexo        


Metal Decoration        

UV Flexo Color Chart

UV Screen Color Chart

Offset Color Chart

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Note that CTI is not a commercial printer. We provide
technology solutions delivered through inks.

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