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Security & Anti Tampering

With more and more products being ordered online and delivered to doorsteps, criminals find new methods for fraud and theft. Whether it’s detecting clever counterfeits or thwarting the opening of packages to steal contents, CTI has developed several technologies designed to authenticate products or show tampering has occurred. See the sections below for types and applications.

Invisible Ink Using Fluorescing

Like most U.S. paper currency has invisible stripes that fluoresce specific colors when excited by blacklight (UVA wavelengths), your customers can add graphics or text printed in invisible ink to ensure authenticity. Fluorescing strength varies with printed ink film weight.


Touch-Activated Thermochromic Security Inks

Touching or rubbing materials printed with this technology will make the color disappear or change to a lighter color (in the case of color-to-color inks), signaling the authenticity of a document or product. Ink formats with heavier film weights, such as UV Screen and UV Flexo, hide-and-reveal graphics are possible. Touch-activated security features provide simple and cost-effective solutions.

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