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Security & Anti Tampering

As online orders and doorstep deliveries increase, criminals continuously devise new techniques for fraud and theft. To combat this, CTI has pioneered tamper evident packaging to verify product authenticity. Explore the following sections to learn about the different types of technologies and their applications.

Invisible Ink Using Fluorescing

CTI Fluorescing Security Inks play a crucial role in a multi-layer strategy to detect counterfeit products. These specialized invisible inks exhibit fluorescence solely under specific UV wavelengths. By carefully evaluating new customers, CTI ensures that only authorized printers can access these unique inks. Fluorescing strength varies with printed ink film weight.


Touch-Activated Thermochromic Security Inks

When materials printed with this technology are touched or rubbed, the color will vanish or transform to a different color (for color-to-color inks). This serves as a clear indication of the document or product's authenticity. Ink formats with thicker film weights, like UV Screen and UV Flexo, allow for hidden-and-revealed graphics. These touch-activated security features offer straightforward and cost-effective solutions.

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