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Freeze Alerts

Chromatic Technologies (CTI) invented the first-ever commercially printable BlindSpotz™ Freeze Alert technology for pharma, chemicals, and food. Watch this video to see it in action: 

This patent-pending innovation can be printed on aluminum, glass, plastic, paper labels or film to identify if a product has been damaged by freezing. It’s highly accurate, reliable, low-cost and developed to ensure safe and high-quality supply chain at the package or even individual product level.

According to the Gates Foundation and World Health Organization, 75% of vaccines may be exposed to freezing temperatures, but there has been no low-cost, practical freeze-alert diagnostic until now. Contact us today to see how BlindSpotz™ Freeze Alert might be the solution for your brand or customer.

protect your product from freezing temperatures

  • Cost-effective at the product level

  • Part of your package or label

  • Completely customizable

  • Unique applications, such as pairing with a GS1 barcode

20% of temperature-sensitive products are damaged during transport due to a broken cold chain. Contact CTI today to talk about BlindSpotz™ solutions and how to create a cold-chain alert on your product.

Vaccines with Cold-Chain Packaging Solutions
Cold Chain Product Management


7 of 10 leading pharmaceutical products require temperature-controlled transportation and just 2°C of temperature variation could completely ruin a pharmaceutical shipment.

Cold Chain Solutions
Cold Chain Solutions for Packaging


Freezing temperatures can affect the quality of a food product and the health of consumers. The shipment needs to be evaluated at each step throughout the supply chain and in storage before reaching the end customer.

Cold Chain Product Management


When a paint, coating or chemical has been frozen, the effectiveness of the product can decline. Unfortunately, a consumer doesn’t know that the product’s quality has been compromised until the product is in use.


Color Change

Temperature Range

Color Development


White to Blue 

+/- 1˚C for each –B value color target. This technology is tunable between -4˚C and 4˚C

Over 2˚C

On package, adhesive backed or on a card

Contact the CTI team today to learn more about BlindSpotz™ Freeze Alert.

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