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While most CTI technologies revolve around temperature and light, we also have technology that develops color with pressure. For instance, rubbing a coin on a printed label can reveal a hidden message used for authentication or simply for fun – like playing tic-tac-toe. More seriously, high pressure-activated technology delivered through a commercial HPP ink to verify High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) offers a quick visual way to sort packages that haven’t been HPPed, offering an extra quality check before hitting grocery shelves.


  • Quick visual indicator

  • Printable technology, just like other high speed commercial inks

  • Full control over brand identity, graphic design and placement, either through existing printed label or direct package/container printing

  • Use with QR codes that are scannable or unscannable, depending on the product state

  • Fractions of pennies per package

  • Tunable targets with high-volume implementations

  • Long-term chemical stability

  • Safe for indirect food contact

  • BPA-, BPF-, BPS-free and compliant with REACH, Prop 65, CONEG, and many other regulations.

High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) Ink Indicators:

HPP ink has transformed the food industry, allowing juices, dips, ready-to-eat meats and more to be safer, look and taste better, and enjoy longer shelf life. But a non-HPPed package looks exactly the same as one that’s been HPPed — until now. CTI HPP Indicator Technology shows if a product has been through HPP and can be applied to packages with a printable commercial ink or preprinted labels.

no pressure applied

HPP pressure verified

Light and Shadow

Here are available HPP technology indicator “recipes” – combinations of pressures and operating environments:

Quick Code: W-1

Broad indicator for the warmest operating conditions and anything above 50,000 PSI.

Target HPP Pressure: 50,000 PSI

Operating Chamber Water Temp: 15–20°C

Quick Code: W-6

Best all-around indicator differentiating between 70, 80 and 87,000 PSI.

Target HPP Pressure: 87,000 PSI

Operating Chamber Water Temp: 10–15°C

Other formula recipes may be available – contact CTI to find out more.

Industries and Applications

Foods  Flexible packaging and containers for ready-to-eat meats, sauces, soups, salsas, hummus and beverages – anything that may be put through the High Pressure Pasteurization process.



UV Flexo, Water-Based Flexo, Solvent-Based Flexo and Gravure, UV Wet Offset, UV Dry Offset. Other print formats may be available.

and schedule a qualification trial.

Pressure-Activated Indicators:

This printed technology changes from clear to the target color when a user applies pressure, using a coin or other hard surface.

Light and Shadow

Industries and Applications

Foods  Traceability and authentication for food labels and packages. Good-seal indicator for films on plastic containers. Hidden control numbers.

Industrial  Color indicator to show a good seal between tape and surface (slide painter’s knife or scraper across the tape).



UV Flexo, Water-Based Flexo. Other print formats may be available.

High-Pressure activated ink technology requires detailed understanding of the application and only may be purchased after completing a requirements assessment and qualification trial.

and schedule a qualification trial.

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