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Crown’s thermochromic ‘Reveal’ ink technology makes commercial debut with Coca-Cola

Reveal Ink on a can of Coke

Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East and Chromatic Technologies Inc. utilize technology collaboration to provide Coca-Cola with the ability to change graphics during product consumption.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania—As competition for consumer attention and loyalty intensifies, brands are increasingly turning to packaging to achieve differentiation on retail shelves and enhance engagement. To deliver an interactive experience to consumers before, during and after consumption, Coca-Cola has rolled out cans of Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta and Sprite in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia featuring Reveal temperature sensitive inks. thermochromic ink technology

The result of collaboration between Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East and Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), Reveal inks allow graphics to change to ‘reveal’ specific imagery and messaging during consumption.

Two thermochromic inks appear at the same time when the can is cold, but as the cold product is consumed, one ink disappears. This technology provides one ambient ‘original’ image, one ‘cold’ image and as the consumer drinks the contents of the can, a third image appears, offering the perfect vehicle to hide a message...

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