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Beverage brands benefit from advancements in inks, coatings

HPP Indicator On Beverage Container

CTI developed a high-pressure ink indicator that appears on a package at 50,000 psi to confirm that a product has been subjected to HPP and detect whether any heat damage occurred during transportation, Patrick Edson says.

As consumers continue to seek out variety within their beverage options, the probability of SKU proliferation seems to be a certainty for years to come. As brand owners hope to stand out from the crowd, inks and coatings are helping manufacturers draw in consumers.

“The primary goal of any package is to protect the product and to conveniently, efficiently and sustainably deliver that product to the end-user in an economical way,” says Ron Skotleski, director of marketing for Crown Beverage Packaging North America, a business unit of Philadelphia-based Crown Holdings Inc. “But for consumers, the inks, varnishes and graphics on packaging provide an important opportunity to leave a positive first impression and encourage interaction with the brand. In many cases, the look and feel of a package can directly influence the consumer’s purchasing decision, so really, it could be considered the most impactful piece of beverage packaging.”

As beverage-makers look to increase impact, they also recognize the connections that can be gained from primary packaging. “Today’s consumers are looking for ways to connect with brands and are not afraid to try something new,” Skotleski says. “Therefore, having an appealing package is especially important when you consider the current, highly competitive beverage marketplace comprised of shrinking shelf space, more diverse options and new niche categories popping up every day.”

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