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Kids take the pack outside to reveal the punchline to a joke. They are then encouraged to tell the jokes to their friends on Snapchat, and start following your brand on Snapchat to get daily jokes and promotions.

Engage the senses




possible content


Unlike earlier generations, GenZers are far more interested in paying for an experience over a product. They are also expecting that experience to heighten the senses.  Try engaging their senses with features that unlock unbelievable VR and AR content. 



Make It Fun
for Kids

On average, kids (ages 5-16) spend 6.5 hours daily in front of a screen. Give them a reason to leave the screen and play with their brothers and sisters. Sunlight-activated features get kids playing together, making Mom feel good about her purchase.

Building a Relationship with the Next Big Generation

The oldest members of GenZ are still teenagers, but they already wield buying power of $44 billion, and it’s steadily growing. Combine that influence with the fact that they make up nearly 26 percent of the population, turning them into loyal customers now will ensure success in the future.



engage GENZ

throughout the year 

Valentines, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas are all opportunities to build an experience with kids throughout the year. Interactive features are one way to become more than just a candy bar, a bowl of cereal or a bottle of water. With features that change color when touched or appear in the sun or even Glow-in-the-Dark, your product becomes a fun toy.

Example: The eggs use sunlight-activated ink and the Valentines Day card uses Glow-in-the-Dark ink.

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