Encourage Social Media Interaction



Millennials are the toughest group to drive recommendations on social media.  To assist in that effort, brands must offer interesting stories, entertainment or offers that consumers think is cool/newsworthy of sharing with friends.  CTI technology helps create that “theater-in-the-hand” that results in the reaction of “Wow, did you see that?”   This creates the interesting content that consumers will share on their social media.

 - ODM Group 2011 -



of Millennials rely on social media to  make their purchasing decisions.

Encourage Consumers to Interact with Promotions





Instant wins are one way to gain loyalty and drive purchase intent with Millennials and GenZ. Using reveal technology & app integration, your packaging can become an interactive game piece. When warm, the game is “off.” When cold, the game is “on.” When consumed, the game is played. In this example, the icon that is revealed represents the type of prize the consumer can enter to WIN. Using an app or other methods of social media, the user can snap a pic of the revealed icon and see if they won instantly.



Give consumers
a reason to share

Take a look at a Millennial’s feed and they are filled with inspirational and comical quotes. By revealing something surprising, hilarious or inspirational, your brand can encourage consumers to share their experience with friends and family. 


social media interaction

Brands are continually looking for ways to engage their customers on social media. Interactive features on everyday products provide consumers with a reason to talk about or engage with a brand on social media. 




unlocked content


exclusive content

Millennials are obsessed with status, and they expect their brands to understand the importance this has on their lives. One way to encourage social media interaction with this generation is providing them with exclusive content as a reward for their business.  Content like music downloads, Snapchat filters,  or VR experiences are a few examples of the types of content that can be unlocked ONLY AFTER a product has been purchased and consumed.  

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