Drive Purchase



CTI can add value to your brand. CTI helps consumers understand how much energy is left in their batteries, confirm their pizza is hot and encourage kids to create art. The possibilities are endless. Use CTI’s Discovery and Innovation Incubator process to invent the right solution for you.


Duracell batteries use heat-activated inks to create the power-level indicator on their batteries. This value-added feature allows the consumer to know how much power is left in their battery.


CTI’s design team helps create the right promotional idea that will drive retail purchases, enhance displays and encourage impulse purchases. CTI conducts consumer research to help demonstrate how your brand can use technology to drive purchases.

Mountain Dew:

Mountain Dew used cold-activated inks to highlight the release of the major blockbuster hit, The Dark Knight Rises. The design featured the Batman symbol turning green when cold, enhancing the consumer’s experience.


Use CTI to create on-package demonstrations to show before and after use. Any product that solves a problem or makes something better is an excellent candidate. Once the consumer touches the package on the shelf, the potential for purchase increases dramatically.


For Halloween, Menchies introduced the ghosts and goblins cup. When the cup is warm, only the Menchies logo was visible, but as consumers filled the cup with yogurt, Halloween imagery appeared.   The consumer insight that drove this idea was that it encouraged consumers to add more yogurt to the cup so they could see all of cobwebs and bones.  A great tool to drive sales.