Lyle Small, a Cornell University chemistry student, founded Chromatic Technologies, Inc. (CTI) in his dorm room in 1993, building ink molecules, trying to find different stimuli to turn inks “on and off” – also known as “smart inks.”

Today, CTI is located in Colorado Springs, CO, helping customers across the globe and industries. Its innovation is fueled by Ph.D. chemists, artists, inventors and consumer researchers all working together to invent “Ideas Powered by Chemistry.”

CTI is “not just an ink company” but an “innovator who helps grow and differentiate brands.”

The key essence that differentiates CTI is its focus on “Improving lives through chemistry that alerts, protects and surprises.”

DISCOVERY – It all starts with listening and understanding the customer and their consumer. Before CTI starts any work or sells any idea, it spends time understanding customer needs. The purpose is to solve real problems by asking good questions.

PROPRIETARY CHEMISTRY – CTI’s Ph.D.‘s innovate EXCLUSIVELY on creating and perfecting chemistry that alerts, protects and surprises. Much of our technology is unique to CTI.

COMMERCIAL LEADERSHIP – CTI sales and marketing teams are led by former Fortune 500 consumer products and innovation leaders. The team brings real-life, consumer perspective to customers.

DESIGN TEAM – CTI’s in-house design team is focused on bringing ideas to clients rather than just technology. The creative team provides customers with elegant designs and ready-to-execute ideas to speed implementation.

INSIGHT - If a customer wants a big idea, it starts with a terrific insight. CTI is committed itself to knowing more than anyone about consumer needs and opportunities in the area of sensing, alerting and surprising through chemistry, inks and coatings. CTI is constantly conducting consumer research.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Ph.D. chemists are available to solve tough technical problems to help create competitive advantages for select customers.

INNOVATION INCUBATOR – Ideas are another form of currency inside an organization. A powerful pipeline of ideas predicts future profits. CTI’s Innovation Incubator offers customers a proprietary talent pool of inventors, chemists, artists and consumer researches to invent solutions for select customers.

CATEGORY EXCLUSIVITY – CTI seeks first-mover partnerships in categories and will provide category exclusivity for select clients.